Tennis has always played the major part of Nataliya’s life! When Nataliya started playing tennis at an early age, she realized that this sport is absolutely for people like her: disciplined, motivated, goal-oriented, and driven individuals.  Thankfully to her parents, Nataliya got an opportunity to be trained by the most recognized coaches in Moscow, who were coaches of the Russian national teams and top players. Having an exposure to the elite tennis and professional training, Nataliya developed a strong understanding of the major requirements for becoming an excellent athlete.

From playing professional tournaments and being on the path of becoming a top player, Nataliya was recruited to play for an NCAA D1 tennis team. In May of 2016 she graduated from University of Delaware, where she was a leading singles and doubles player while she was getting two degrees with honors in four years (B.S. in Applied Econometrics and B.A. in International Relations). At the University of Delaware, Nataliya led the team to obtain the national ranking (for the first time in the history) as well as won many invitational tournaments, including a doubles championship at the U.S. Open for collegiate players.

During professional tennis career Nataliya won multiple singles and doubles national and international tournaments, which helped her to develop a well established balance of competitive skills and mental toughness.

The passion to bring players to the next level  and constantly improve their skills has been within Nataliya for many years. Experience of teaching people of different ages and levels brought her to a diversified spectrum of coaching. The combination of professional and collegiate career, coaching experience at prestigious high schools of New York City and summer camps at Princeton University, help Nataliya to develop players’ skills according to their needs. Her main inspiration is to maximize potential and enhance players’ performance by developing technical, tactical, physical, and mental toughness skills.


  • Individual Lessons
  • Group Lessons (Up to 3 people at once)
  • Match Play

  • Training for Tournaments and Recruitments 
  • Specialized fitness for tennis
  • These sessions are focused on the footwork, strengthening of the core muscles, back, legs, and arms. The program is held outside of the tennis court. The right foot work as well as strong body will help to elevate your game to the next level. Combine tennis and workout sessions to enhance your performance on the tennis court. 

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    • Consulting services

    During consulting sessions there is no hitting performed by Nataliya. The main focus is on learning the strategies and reading the game. Sessions can be also focused on correcting technique.

  • Assistance with College Reqruiting